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Prices Payment Methods

Prices Include GST - Updated 1 July 2019

Account enquiries should be directed to Allfarm Animal Health 03 5979 4488

Parasite accepts Credit Card (Form or phone), Cheque & EFT.
Lower rates apply to approved account holders.
Invoice costs are significantly higher than prepaying.
Credit card authorisation forms should be submitted with samples.
EFT (Please include evidence of transaction with submission e.g. screen print) NAB. BSB: 083 253  Account: 85376 7430
CARD PAYMENT AUTHORISATION (Include with submission if paying by CC)   pdf Click to Download (322 KB)
Submission of samples to lab, paid by client, in a Express Post satchel. No additional cost. Priority lab processing. Free replacemnt kits.
Submission of samples to lab, paid by client, in a Parcel Post satchel. No additional cost. Free replacement kits.
Submission of samples to lab, using Parasite reply paid satchel $15 per package received. Free replacement kits.
Drop off at lab. (Factory 1 – 3 Bray Street, Hastings). Between 10am and 3:00pm M to F.
Saves time and gets results back to you faster.
Submission forms and Card payment facilities available.

No postal charge applied.

Free replacement kits.

Receive a Poultry Test Kit Free. Order Here

FEC: A sample from one animal.
Bulk: A sample from several animals at once.

Credit / EFT / prepaid

Invoice sent

Bulk Egg Count

1st Group (Not Poultry)

$47.25 each

$66 each

Subsequent groups and all Poultry Bulks

$31.30 each

$50 each

Faecal Egg Counts (FEC)

Any Species

1 Sample



2 Samples



3 Samples



4 Samples



5 Samples



6 Samples



7 Samples



8 Samples



9 Samples



10 Samples



11 -> 99 Samples (Includes all FECRT counts)

$8.40 each

$10 each

Worm Egg Counts (WEC) above 100

Minimum 100 samples required to qualify for discount.

$7.50 each

$9 each

Liver Fluke

Result provides presence or absence of fluke eggs. One egg is regarded as significant.

$32 each

$44 each

Liver Fluke

Result provides the number of eggs, of each fluke species

$65 each

$77 each

Liver fluke

For animals to WA. 2 Working Day turn around.
Prior Arrangement Required for more than 30 samples. Express Post given priority.

$38 each

$62 each

Liver fluke

For animals to WA. ## Priority Service ##
Prior Arrangement Required for more than 30 samples. Immediate processing upon receipt.

Results can be sent to multiple locations.

$76 per sample

$120 per sample

Liver Fluke
ELISA Testing

Milk or Sera using IDEXX - Sheep and Cattle.
Only run when sufficient samples in lab.

$36.75 each

$50 each


48 hours required
## Fresh samples essential ##

$55 each

$65 each

Worm larval cultures and differentiation

Sheep Cattle Goats Alpacas

$55 each

$75 each

Splits L3 in to Strongyle types. Allow 14 Days.

$80 each

$90 each

Parasite identification

eg: ticks, lice, faecal worms, maggots, insects.



Coccidiosis Oocyst Density

Result provided as Low / Medium / High
Always run with FEC or Bulks.

Included with FEC / Bulk.

Included with FEC / Bulk.

Coccidiosis Count-

Bovine - calves

$18 each

$25 each

Coccidiosis Count - Avian - Poultry See FEC rate

See FEC rate

Trichuris Count

Trichuris eggs not easily detected using standard flotation.
Screen faeces for Trichuris eggs using direct count.
Important for assisting diagnosis in Alpaca, Llama, Camel - high sensitivity test

$40 each

$50 each

Blue green Algae Sample Identification

Parasite will gladly supply a free sampling kit.
Please contact us.

$60 each

$70 each

Terms and Conditions

  • ParaSite Diagnostic Services may require prior payment before results are released. This is likely when accounts are overdue.
  • Parasite may contact new customers requesting invoices, so that details and terms can be confirmed.
  • Customers are encouraged to phone when there are queries concerning results or invoices. Accounts can be contacted on 03 5979 4488 (Allfarm Animal Health). Have the invoice number ready.
  • All prices include GST.
  • When the lab sends you a separate invoice, each test costs more. Invoices will automatically be sent if the lab does not receive notification of payment via the bank statement or there is no payment method or detail enclosed with the samples. This invoice will be at the Invoice price.
  • Invoices may be sent after you receive results.
  • Samples sent to the lab Express Post receive priority lab processing.
  • Samples hand delivered to the lab are processed as quickly as possible.
  • Samples sent in Standard Post packs will not attract any extra postal fee on invoicing, and do not receive priority lab processing.
  • All payments processed by AllFarm Pty Ltd. ABN 84 506 278 331. allfarm.com.au
  • Prior arrangements are required to become an account holder.
  • $25 per invoice will be charged on overdue payments.
  • Parasite holds the right to cancel accounts where there is a history of poor payment compliance.
  • Allfarm assesses 15 days post invoice issue as an overdue account for “Invoice Sent Later” customers.
  • Allfarm assesses 31 days post invoice issue as an overdue account for “Account Holder” customers.
  • Advice provided by the lab in response to questions is advisory. The lab provides some advice based on the information provided by clients.
  • The lab personnel may elect not to provide advice to all clients, and may refer questions and results interpretations to the veterinarian.