Para-Site Diagnostic Services

We provide parasite identification and laboratory diagnostic services to livestock producers.

We advise on worm, fluke, coccidiosis and tapeworm burdens in sheep, cattle, horses, goats, alpaca, pigs and chickens.

With one of our reply paid testing kits it's so easy to send us a worm test on your sheep, cattle, horses, goats, alpacas or any other species of animal.

We save you time and money by enabling you to drench only animals that need it. This stops animals from being exposed to chemicals unnecessarily and stopping worms from becoming drench resistant, possibly causing you many problems.

We also identify the algae growing in your dams and identify parasites, spiders and insects that are bothering you.

NEW TESTS. Liver Fluke ELISA testing. Trichuris detection.
SAMPLE DROP OFF. Now available on site at the Hastings Lab.

Our Procedure

  1. Read through the testing section to see which test meets your needs.
  2. Continue to the Collection section to learn how to collect samples and choose a Supplied Kit or Make Your Own Kit.
    • Contact us to order a supplied kit or prepare your kit.
    • Collect your samples.
  3. Go to the Forms tab, download and fill in the applicable form.
  4. Decide on your payment method.
  5. Include your filled out forms with your sample submission.
Feel free to contact us via our email contact form.

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