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We are happy to send you a free testing kit.
The kit includes everything you need, to send samples back to the lab.
Testing costs are available on the Prices page.

2x 1 bottle kit
Ideal for a single bird or flocks under 20 birds.
This is a kit with 1 small screw cap bottle in it.
Fill each bottle to a maximum level of 75% with a single sample OR several smaller samples.
We send you 2 kits of 1 bottle each.

2x 10 bottle kit
Ideal for large flocks 10 birds and over.
This is a kit with 10 small screw cap bottles in it.
Fill each bottle to a maximum level of 75% with a single sample.
We send you 2 kits of 10 bottles each.

When looking for oocysts it is a good idea to submit at least one caecal sample.
A caecal sample is the browny caramel coloured faecal dollop passed alone or with a standard faecal dollop.
There are only 1 or 2 caecal faeces per day per bird.

Test results provided
Faecal Egg Count (Ascaridia, Capillaria, Heterakis) AND Oocyst presence / absence.
Test counts the number of oocysts and / or the number of round worm eggs.
Comment on the number and sizes present.

We add $12 to the testing cost if you use the Parasite satchel included in the kit.
If you purchase/use a 'Parcel Post' or 'Express Post' satchel, there is no additional charge.

If your testing requirement is urgent
Samples sent via express post receive priority processing.
You must purchase your own express post bag.
You must contact us via the website contact form, email or phone, to inform us the sample is coming.